Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just bullshitting. Here's some Bob's Burgers stuff.

So, I lapsed. Here's the last four weeks Bob's Burgers specials.
Episode 6: Dr. Yap
Burger 1: "It's fun to eat at the rYeMCA Burger (Comes on Rye w/Mustad, Cheese and Avocado)" It seems like an odd mix, heavy rye bread mated to Avo, which has a bright flavor, but a heavy feel. Odd.
Just one, that episode. Although: Moana-tonin was pretty awesome.

Episode 7: Moody Foodies
Burger 1: "If Looks Could Kale" Bob's made a burger with kale before. It's a running joke of him to use "fancy ingredients, like Kale" according to Jimmy Pesto (a rival cook). I'd imagine it's a burger topped with Kale.
Burger 2: "Little Swiss Bunshine Burger (comes on a buttered bun)" I assume it's with swiss.
Burger 3: "Girls just Wanna have Fennel" Sounds like a burger topped with fennel. The burger looks like the fennel is accompanied with cheese and tomatoes on screen.
Burger 4: "The Final Kraut Down Burger" seems like it'd be a simply burger topped with Sauerkraut. Simple enough...

Episode 8: Bad Tina
Burger 1: "Sit and Spinach Burger" Probably a normal burger of his topped with spinach in place of lettuce, or even on top of it. It's actually a pretty good topping for burgers, I've made it before, it works well.
Burger 2: "Sweaty Palms Burger (Comes with hearts of palm)" I know the reference is to Bob having just seen a stomp parody called "Cake" about patty-cake, culinarily (is that a word?), it would be the flesh of a young palm tree, I believe. Not something I'm too interested in eating, and something I doubt Bob Belcher could get his hands on at such short notice.

Episode 9: Beefsquatch
This one is awesome for some cool burger ideas. I'll probably borrow from this to make some great burgers. He goes into detail about his recipes, for the first time, in this episode. I hate talking about a Loren Bouchard cartoon in this kind of detail, but the man knows what he's doing. Plus, John Lennon was absolutely hilarious in the episode!
Burger 1: "Poutine on the Ritz (comes with poutine fries)" which would be a standard burger served with a side of fries and cheese curds served in brown gravy. Seems a little heavy and ethnocentric for a burger joint on the east coast.
Burger 2: "Onion-tended Consequences Burger" Bob cooks this while the Poutine burger is on the board, so, I don't know what this actually is. It's a burger with caramelized onions, fresh time and goat cheese. It's gotta be hella delicious, though.
Burger 3: "Bruscheta-bout'it Burger" Fresh mozz, basil, oil, vinegar. We can assume that before Gene ruined the segment that it would be a traditional Bruschetta on top of a beef patty, which I can see being very awesome. I definitely have to try that, sometime.
Burger 4: On the board in act 2 it says "Mesclun Around Burger" It, honestly, took me a short google search to find out it wasn't Mescaline. It's a french salad mix of Arugula, Spinach and Lettuce. Not too impressive, in my opinion, since it plays into his pattern. At the same time, I'm critiquing a cartoon burger cook.
Burger 5: "Mediterr-Ain't-Misbehavin' Burger" is made on the show, it's topped with feta and eggplant. It looks like the bun has a purple colored dressing and there's also a green on top of the patty. I can't tell you what's on it beyond what he described, or even how to top one, but, it shouldn't be hard to put something together.
Burger 6: "I'm Gonna Get You Succotash Burger" which is, as far as I can tell, a standard burger joint burger topped with succotash, which sounds great. In the show, it's sabotaged with habanero peppers to trick Gene. At the same time, I'd love to top a burger with succotash, a mix of corn and beans with maybe peppers and onions. Game on German heritage.
Burger 7: "Every Breath you Tikka Masala Burger" which seems to be a burger topped with curry paste and coconut milk. It, actually sounds awesome. It's a shame the show didn't allow this burger to be completed on screen. I'd love to put that together with a lamb patty, to be honest. Curry paste, coconut milk, green onions, goat cheese and lamb patties serves on flat bread would be an amazing burger.
Burger 8: "The Don't Get Creme Fraiche With Me Burger" assumed to be the standard diner burger topped with Creme Fraiche, rather than Mayo or Sour Creme. A sudden throw back to South Park is in my mind... oh... Bob.

That makes up the last bit of Season 2 of Bob's Burgers. I'd love to make all of his burgers, this season. Hopefully, I'll get back to the Cheese & Burger Society burgers soon, too. Man... I am both a bitch to adult cartoons and burgers. We'll see what happens.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Bob's Burgers!

Well, I haven't been cooking a whole ton, recently. I've found myself attempting to woo girls in vain, enjoying some Scotch and Sodas and finding myself consuming enormous amounts of sandwich shop sandwiches. A little disappointing, all in all, but I'm enjoying the life I'm leading, at the loss of cooking ridiculously elaborate haute cuisine... or, rather, super downhome southern style food, chinese food and fantastic Mexican, considering I'd touched Haute about once in my journeys.

I'm currently letting the Pork Tacos from El Burrito Mexicano settle and watching some fun family guy. Hopefully, soon, I'll be cooking again. This is going to be a live post, I guess, cause I'm planning on posting up last week's Bob's Bourgers specials.