Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunday March 25th, 2012: Blackened Catfish and Parsnip Chips

I really lapsed on keeping this one on the page. Here's the pictures. The blackened catfish was pretty straightforward. The parsnip chips were delicious, unexpected and a revelation. Parsnips are now my favorite veggie, hands down.

I made a great sauce with one drop Dave's Insanity sauce, three tablespoons miracle whip, one tablespoon yellow mustard and one tablespoon worchestershire.  It was pretty awesome.

I've actually been cooking up a bit of a storm, but I've been revisiting old recipes, so, I haven't felt the need to repost.

Those revists include: Drunken Fajitas, Chicken Fried Steak, Blackened Chicken and Blackened Catfish. None of which really need a new post on here.

Of course, I did learn to love the Parsnip. So, I'll hopefully post solely about the Parsnip and its awesomeness sometime soon.