Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bob's Burgers Season 2 specials

Since, I can't seem to find a proper list of the Season 2 specials, I will proceed to watch the entirity of Season 2 so far while drinking Old Style and compiling this list.

Party on, garth.

Episode 1: The Belchies
"I am Mad About Saffron"
I assume it's made with saffron in it, which I can honestly say, would be one of the more expensive burgers I'll make.

Episode 2: Bob Day Afternoon
"Chard to a crisp"
Bob describes this burger as "served with Swiss Chard," I'm assuming that it's sauteed chard, to counteract the bitterness. It sounds very similar to the Kale burger from the first season.

Episode 3: Synchronized Swimming
A bit of a continuity error on this one. In the first 5 minutes of the episode, the board reads "Burger Ala Mode - Comes with ice cream (not on tap)" but changes to "Shake your honeymaker burger (comes with honey mustard) on the next shot.
The first one is because Bob had just installed a soft serve icecream machine in the shop. The second one is easily do-able. A burger with honey-mustard. I'll just have to try and match it up to a Cheese and Burger Society burger.

The first episode of the Season to span more than one day, this makes it, also, the first episode to feature multiple "Burgers of the Day," The second one being "The one yam band burger (comes with yams)."
I don't know if that's a burger with yams on it or as a side. Maybe some sweet potato fries? If, in fact, the yams are on the burger itself, that is a hard flavor to juggle on a beef patty.

The third is the "Do Brussel (sic) Burger (comes with Brussel (sic) Sprouts)" which I assume that the sprouts are served as a side with them, as placing them on the burger itself would be rather challenging.

Episode 4: Burgerboss
"Goodnight and good leek burger"
I'd have to assume the leeks are served on the burger itself, given... well... how else would you serve them. They're not exactly a hot side for meat.

After waking up and taking more pain killers (a life I don't miss, much) Bob finds that the Burgerboss game is missing, in this scene all I can make out is "...(comes with a side of compote)" which I can only assume accompanies a Truman Capote reference. And question how exactly they make compote in a burger diner... this would be a challenge I'd like to take on.
Unfortunately, Bob spends very little time in the shop in this episode, so, we don't see much of the "special board"
The burger in the final scene is the "Band on the Bun burger (comes with wings)" which is an awesome send up to Paul McCartney and the Wings! Definitely on the side in this case.

Episode 5: Foodtrucks
"Chorizo your own adventure burger"
This seems like a great idea for a topping. There's the Cheese and Burger Society's Sheboygan for a starting point for this. Chorizo is a bit spicier than brats, though. So, it makes balancing hard to execute on this one. Bob, you are a challenging chap.

another odd continuity error causes the board to change from "Chorizo your own adventure burger" to "What's the Worcestershire that could happen burger" about five minutes in, which I assume is a burger with Worcestershire sauce in the meat. Pretty sure I've done it.

After Gene blows up the truck, another special appears on the board, this one reading "Where have you bean all my life (served with a bed of beans)" which is strange, that the special changed three times in one day. Maybe we can chalk this up to Louise playing with the board? Obviously, a burger served with some kind of bean side?

Well, looking back on the show... when you see the parenthesis framing the add-on, it indicates that it's a side while the specials that don't feature the parenthesis seem be "on burger." The Yams and Brussels Sprouts seem to be sides while the Chorizo and Swiss Chard seem to be toppings. And, now we have a standardization. And now we have me being a little too into this show.

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